About Me and Sunstone Healing

My name is Eowyn, and I taught English as a Second Language overseas and in Canada for roughly 20 years. During this time I completed a certificate course as a meditation instructor (2014) and a Crystal Healing Certification Program (2019). I discovered that energy healing was my passion, and I am working on completing the Crystal Shamanism Program taught by Karen Osborne (www.crystalmedicine.ca). I have completed all case studies and am preparing for my exam.

Why "Sunstone" 🌞💎? It's a bit of a story, but here we go...
In my early 20s, I had taken a sudden interest in crystals that wouldn’t be renewed for about another 20 years. I picked up a few at a shop in Ottawa, and they ended up in a box, forgotten, while I travelled to and from Korea, obtained a master's degree, and started a family. At some point, the tiny crystals were found, taken out and forgotten again. One day, while sitting at my work desk, likely marking or lesson planning, I found one of them. I couldn’t remember leaving it on the desk or what type of crystal it was, but I picked it up and put it into the palm of my hand. As I held the no-more-than-a-centimeter in length Sunstone in my hand, the centre of my palm started to pulsate. I was surprised and even replaced the crystal with a paper clip to see if my mind or my senses were playing tricks on me. In that moment, I was sure that I needed to explore crystals further.
It has been several years since that day. I am now close to completing a Crystal Shamanism Program, and I am saying YES to my Higher Self by courageously following this path. Facilitating ceremonies that help people heal past traumas and limiting beliefs through Love is how I want to serve.
According to healingcrystalsco.com, “Sunstone is happy, happy, happy” and known to bring good luck. Karen Osborne (my teacher) writes that Sunstone helps with independence and self-confidence and shifting from Ego to Heart (crystalmedicine.ca). In 101 Power Crystals, Judy Hall (2011) states that Sunstone aids in developing self-worth and enthusiasm for life. “A stone of self-empowerment, Sunstone lets your true self shine.”
Beliefs that arise from outside of self can become entrenched. Left unchecked, they can limit us and diminish our self-worth. I would love to be a part of your journey to find sovereignty, courage, and light so that you may Connect, Love, and Shine!