My name is Eowyn, and I am an Energy Healing Facilitator. We all want to experience more Peace, Joy and Fulfillment and less pain, but we often avoid Healing and even fear it. Healing can be hard! Healing mind, body and soul requires us to look inward at aspects of ourselves that we don’t always wish to see. We cling to our habits for dear life! However, Life is so much better when we let go of what no longer serves us to create space to receive what does and to regain the lost or abandoned parts of us to become Whole. I hold individual healing ceremonies to address limiting beliefs through energy healing work and journeying. These ceremonies can be held in-person or remotely. I believe when we Connect with the physical world and our Higher Selves, we give and receive Love and Shine our brightest!

I am now offering Healing Ceremonies at Be The Change Massage Therapy at 4 Montreal Road Unit 101 in Cornwall Ontario. Click on the link above to make an appointment.