"Eowyn's energy and healing sessions have changed my life and have supercharged my personal and spiritual growth process. Her sessions have greatly accelerated my healing journey and permitted me to stay focused on my main objectives in life. After over 60 sessions, I have been able to shine light and bring awareness to parts of me that were hiding deep inside my subconscious programs that have limited me in life up to this point. Every time we meet, I come out energized and ready to take on life with new perspectives and ready to make new decisions to create my wonderful future." (Marc Lepage; Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Guide)

"I have worked with Eowyn 2 times over the last several months, and have had amazing experiences both times. Her gentle voice and gifted guidance for the work that she does really brought me to a deep level of meditation. This, in turn, allowed me to have a clear vision during our journey process. As with any healing, most of the AHAs come after the session. I truly felt a sense of calmness and lightness in my overall well-being that continued well after our time together. I truly and highly recommend gifting ourselves this opportunity. It's not really something I can put into words! Thank you, Eowyn, for following your passion. I believe people need this now more than ever!" (Diane; Inspirational Writer; Mazatlan, Mexico)

"Went through the journey twice and was not disappointed! Eowyn delivers results. I felt such a sense of peace and understanding after my second journey. I was more confident in the process, was able to let go more easily, and I achieved my goal of healing a part of me that had been a nuisance to me for decades. I highly recommend experiencing this Shamanic Crystal Journey more than once with an open mind and heart, and a willingness to go through what may not necessarily be pleasant, in order to come out with a lighter heart and a greater sense of ease." (Gen; Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner; Cornwall, ON)